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Weather stations start operation in Garibaldi-RS

Two Automatic Weather Stations (AWS) installed by the Weather Monitoring Division of Unidigital started operation in Garibaldi-RS. Garibaldi is a charming city located in the highlands of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, and is a very prosperous and active industrial and agricultural community.

With sensors supplied by Lufft (www.lufft.de), traditional german manufacturer of equipment for measuring the weather variables, the AWS of Garibaldi are among the most modern in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

Installed on the Airfield and at Sao Gotardo, the weather stations were presented oficially to the community on 04th, July, 2011, during an event held at the Mayor’s Office, Mr. Cirano Cisilotto. Also present the Vice-Mayor, Mr. Francisco Tedesco, the Agriculture Secretary, Mr. Jorge Mariani, the Civil Defense Office, Mr. Ivan Brugalli,  other officials, guests and press.

Besides informing about the weather, the AWS will allow farmers to plan their activities, concentrated especially in the production of wine grapes, corn and vegetables.

Data supplied by the weather stations can be acessed via internet at  http://clima.garibaldi.rs.gov.br.

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