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Using the C450 Converter to read analog signals in digital inputs of the PLC

You have certainly experienced the situation of being in the end of an automation project that seemed to be going fine, when you find out that an additional analog signal should also be read. Then you go to the PLC and check if there is another analog input available and there is none!

This is something bad enough to let you a bit upset. It passes on your mind everthing that must be done to read the last-hour-analog-variable: purchase a new analog input module, install it, change the PLC hardware configuration, change the software and up-date the electric project. Hard task, buddy!

Having made the decision of buying another analog module, there comes the second bad surprise of the day: the cost! You are going to spend between $ 500 to $ 750, to say the minimum. Worst of all: the delivery time is 30 days. Scaring!

Well, we have an alternative for you, before you pull out all your hair: you can use a digital input of the PLC to read the same analog signal. Impossible? No. You are going to find out that this is really a piece of cake.

You do have a digital input available, don´t you? Then download the ‘Technical Manual’ at this link and follow the instructions. Compared to the cost of an analog input module, the C450 is a very low cost solution.

We hope we have saved your day. Good work!



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