Electronics, Industrial Automation and Control


  • Teclados Industriais
  • Weather stations
  • Power Interfaces
  • Current Controllers
  • Instrumentation Signal Converters
  • Temperature Monitors
  • Analog Multiplexers
  • Industrial Keyboards

    The industrial keyboards manufactured by Unidigital are suitable for a great number of applications: machine control panels, test and lab equipment, home appliances, self-service panels, elevators, pass printers, coded access, interfaces with computer-based HMI’s and many others.

    The output format may be configured as either point-to-point, binary or serial RS-232C, RS-485 and USB.

    Rugged and designed to operate under harsh conditions, our keyboards use 10-million mechanical life keys and overlays of excellent resistance to abrasion and chemicals. The front layer can be supplied according to the lay-out and symbols required by your project, with as many colors as needed for perfect readability and safety of operation.


    Power Interfaces

    These modules are used to drive loads connected to the digital outputs of the PLC. Capable of handling loads up to 2.0 A, AC or DC, they are an ideal and low-cost solution for the protection of your I/O.

    Temperature Monitors

    Used to monitor the temperature of electric cabinets and other environment, these modules can be panel or rail mounted. Operating range from 0 to + 100 ºC, with 1 ºC resolution, programmable alarm relay and 0 – 10 V analog output. Low cost solution for the protection of your electronic equipment in the industrial environment.

    Analog Multiplexers

    Analog multiplexers for a variety of applications to read several analog input signals (current and voltage) using only one analog input of the PLC.

    Current Controllers

    Specially developed to supply a DC current of up to 7.0 A according with an 0 – 10 V analog input, these controllers are suited for a wide range of applications such as controlling the magnetization level of grinding machines, excitation of high power DC generators, heating of cutting wires, among others.


    Signal Analog Converters

    These modules perform voltage to frequency, current to voltage, voltage to current conversion. Requiring little room on the rail, they are robust and flexible. Models available:

    a) 0 – 10 V / 4 – 20 mA converter, model UD-C10420;

    b) 4 – 20 mA / 0 – 10 V converter, model UD-C42010;

    c) frequency-t0-voltage or current converter, model UD-CFV110;

    d) voltage-to-frequency converter, model UD-C450.

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